As a parent you always want to the best for your child , sometimes that means taking a step back and letting someone else help them. For us, that person was Jaime Rivetts and social learning. Our daughter began working with Jaime dressed in black and wearing heavy dark make-up, and very much a loner. She was very resistant to any help. Jaime has this ability to hold you accountable for your actions and yourself, which as a parent we take for granted. Our daughter needed to be taught how to throw out the right “bait” as opposed to the wrong messages, i.e. clothing or unfriendly body language. Without social thinking and Jaime, she would never come out of her room, or ride the bus to school. I have to say the best thing is that she smiles all the time and is much more happy and for us that’s proof that it’s working.

Social thinking has been a blessing to our family in many ways. After years of different types of therapy for our son, including play therapy and occupational therapy, we finally found one that made a difference in his everyday life! Jaime Rivetts’ social thinking program teaches children who struggle with interpersonal communication how to navigate the nuances of everyday relationships with family and peers! Some kids just need to be taught what others automatically understand, and Jaime knows how to do that!

Our daughter was born with a learning disorder that makes it difficult for her to understand social situations correctly and to learn social skills intuitively as most children do. We learned at an early age that she needed help understanding our social world but did not know where to get help. We found that help when Jaime Rivetts decided to move here and start a social thinking education program. What a difference she has made in our daughter’s life and our family life. Jaime has worked with her since first grade to help her understand how our social world works, she breaks things down into easy to understand concepts and helps our daughter build social thinking strategies and solutions to use in her everyday life.

The ‘gold’ standard in social thinking instruction is Michelle Winner Garcia’s social thinking curriculum and Jaime trained and worked with Michelle and even contributed to a few of Michelle’s books. She uses Michelle’s curriculum and many other different approaches to help the child learn valuable social skills. She not only teaches the child but also the parent so that we understand the language and steps she is teaching so that we can continue working on skills throughout the week at home. I have met parents all over the country going through similar struggles with their children and when I share with them that we have Jaime available to work with our children they are blown away that our small town would have such talent. Many drive hours to get such valuable help as there are not many that have the level of know ledge that Jaime Rivetts has. Jaime has been a critical component of the success and high self esteem we now see in our daughter.