Jaime Rivetts received her Master’s of Science in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism at the University of Kansas in 2004. At the time, Kansas was the number one school in the country for graduate programs in Special Education. Following graduation, Jaime worked at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Center for Social Thinking in San Jose, CA as a clinician running groups, individual sessions and collaborating with school districts. Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP-CCC is the leading expert in the field of social learning challenges and has trade marked social thinking as an intervention approach.

Jaime moved to the Wood River Valley in 2007 in order to be closer to family after 3 years of working at Michelle’s clinic and started working for the Lee Pesky Learning Center in February of 2008. As a social learning specialist, she founded the Social Cognitive Intervention Program in conjunction with The Center. From 2008 to 2012, Jaime Ran the program for the center for 4 years, during this time she also held a management position.

Currently, Jaime is the executive director and founder of Idaho Social Learning Center. In her free time, she loves to ski, hike, and paddle board; and has also been a volunteer and director for Camp Rainbow Gold, a children’s oncology camp in the Wood River Valley, for the last eleven years. Fundraising for Camp Rainbow Gold and working with the Sun Valley Adaptive Sports Program are also part of Jaime’s valuable background in the field.